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    Huisen is a company of precision tooling making and plastic injection, up to now since 2001 year, Have offered service for more than 9 countries and regions ¡¯ enterprises, Clients located: Sweden. Japan. Finland. Korea. American, Canada etc. Our main products:Plastic moulds,blow mould products, two-color injection item, Precision stamping part and so on.
    Huisen located in Guangdong, China. It is an important base for mould manufacture. And it is near the port, so that very easy to export.
¡¡ Huisen¡¯s advantage are meet some clients with small QTY demand, High quality, fast service, Current biz: Plastic tooling making, Plastic part molding. Plastic components¡¯ tooling making and molding. Professional team£¬Lots of experience of line of work£¬ Huisen proud of their service level to give each customer the best service.

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